Auckland Airport Lead in Lights and Airfield lights

When Auckland Airport approach us to build a system to control the lead in lights at each of the international gates.  These are lights that are inserted into the tarmac to direct pilots and planes on to their parking gates.  They need to be control them remotely from the tower.  I believe they we expecting a small analog push button system all hard wired to each controller. We went design an HMI touch screen that can be easily changed and upgrade as more gates where installed.  We also networked the control gear to reduce the need and cost for direct fiber connection.


With the excellent work done for the lead in lights control the Airport ask us to also upgrade a critical control system for the airfield lights from an old analog system build with a lot of relays and hard wired.  The biggest problem with this old system there was little to no information.  So we had to first work out how this system worked then design a custom program for a PLC and Touch screen. Again this was networked reducing fiber need and cost.

Over two days we cut the control system over to the new controller with no outages during the night.


Auckland Airport was extremely happy with the outcome.

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